We pick up and deliver                           
Shipping containers
                           On the Ground

Container Lifters NW LLC
Mail     P.O.BOX  2938
             CLACKAMAS  Or      97015
Tel       503-799-4183
Fax       503-389-7298
Email    park@container-lifters-nw.com
Web    Container-Lifters-NW.com
Empty 40 & 45ft Containers  
On Tiltbed trailers

40ft Delivery

Tiltbed Service

Turn radius
truck 2 Ext

Retracted to
40ft Tiltbed

          TRUCK 2
                     Extreme manoeuvrability
                     40 & 45 ft containers
                     Tandem sliding axles  
    TRUCK 4
               40ft or two 20ft containers
                Low Deck height for
                Hi-cube containers
            Chain drive Push / Pull Hydraulics
            Tandem Axle for improved floatation
            Low deck Height for 45ft Hi-cube containers